Feb 24, 2011

UFCW Members are Standing Up for Good Jobs in Ohio

Here in Columbus, OH, UFCW members have been standing strong in opposition to SB5, a harmful anti-worker bill being pushed by Governor Kasich and Republicans in the State Legislature. SB5 seeks to strip public employees in Ohio of their collective bargaining rights. The Governor claims this measure is about balancing Ohio's budget, but we know this is just more of the same old partisan politics that has done nothing to bring good jobs to Ohio or solve the problems facing working families in the state. And we know that when public employees and their rights are under attack, we are all under attack.

UFCW members oppose SB5 because it
  • Does nothing to address our jobs crisis, and is just more of the same politics that distracts us from fixing our economy;
  • Would take away the bargaining rights of hard-working firefighters, teachers, nurses and all public service workers who make our communities strong; and
  • Is bad for taxpayers, since it puts essential services at risk of reductions in quality—and takes away the means for taxpayer accountability and transparency.
That's why over a hundred UFCW members from all across Ohio and neighboring states joined more than 5,000 workers and allies at the Statehouse on Tuesday to mobilize and show opposition to SB5. Republican legislators tried to lock the workers out of the Statehouse, but eventually the workers prevailed and flooded the atrium and rotunda as the hearing on the bill took place.

On Wednesday, UFCW also joined public employees, union members, elected officials, faith and community leaders, and Reverend Jesse L. Jackson at a rally for all workers, our communities, and our schools. Reverend Jackson and the other speakers gave truly inspirational remarks and energized Columbus workers to continue their fight to protect their rights.

In addition to calling and writing their state representatives and senators, UFCW members across Ohio are also sticking together with public employees by wearing stickers in their workplaces that tell customers to "Stand up for Ohio."

We'll keep on fighting this fight until we win it - in Ohio, and in states around the country where working families are under attack.

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