Feb 24, 2011

UFCW Members - and a former Green Bay Packer - Lobby for Wisconsin's Workers

Yesterday nearly a hundred UFCW members from Local 538 and Local 1473 came from all over the state and converged on the Capitol to lobby for public workers. They had a little celebrity help from longtime UFCW friend (and friend to all workers) and former Green Bay Packer Gilbert Brown lobby with us yesterday.

Brown talked about about how his father was a union man. His message for workers on lobby day?  "Stay strong and stick to your guns."  His birthday was the day before yesterday, and yet he drove through the night in order to be there for Wisconsin's workers. So, UFCW members got him a birthday cake. It was the least we could do to thank him for his continued support of working families.

UFCW members who showed up to lobby said it was important to them to stand up for their brothers and sisters in the public sector. “I am proud to stand with Wisconsin public workers to protect their right to collective bargaining," said Gonzalo Romin, Klement's workers and UFCW Local 1473 member. "I will also stand with my fellow UFCW members because this fight may become our fight if we don’t stop Governor Walker now.”

And his fellow UFCW member, Gregory Peters, Tyson Food worker and UFCW Local 538 member, was in agreement.“The attacks on the Wisconsin workers are just the first step on the war on labor," he said. "We must unite to stop it now!”

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