Feb 25, 2011

UFCW Members Launch Workplace Sticker Action in Support of Worker Rights in Indiana and Ohio

Grocery workers and UFCW members across Indiana and Ohio, yesterday, began wearing stickers to work, with messages of solidarity in support of their union brothers and sisters fighting for workers’ right in the public sector. The UFCW is the largest private sector union in those states and the first to take the fight for workers’ rights inside the workplace.

The union members and grocery workers are wearing the stickers because they understand that all workers nationwide are under attack right now by Wall Street and the politicians they have in their pocket—most of all workers in unions. They know that unions are defenders of good jobs, and that where unions are strong they bring wages and working standards up for everyone. And they want their customers and the public to know that, too.

UFCW members know that most Americans are tired of the political rhetoric, and the media’s attempt to create false conflict by pitting private sector worker against public sector worker.

"My customers know we're union and they support us. By wearing these stickers we're standing up as a community against these attacks on working families,” said Carrie Frye, 20-year food service manager and UFCW Local 700 member at the Kroger in Speedway, Indiana.

To learn more about the UFCW’s efforts fighting for workers in Indiana, Ohio, and states across the country including Wisconsin, and how you can help, go to www.voteufcw.org.

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