Mar 4, 2011

Indiana Workers Speak out on Right to Work Bills to State Legislators

Clerks and meatcutters from neighborhood supermarkets, and food workers from local processing plants across Indiana raised their voices in unified opposition to so-called right-to-work legislation today. Workers offered their testimony in the statehouse rotunda after being denied an opportunity to testify at previous formal hearings on the legislation.

“We were shut out of the hearing, but we are here to speak out for all Hoosier working families,” said Dan Nicholson of Bedford, a grocery store meatcutter.

Nicholson relayed words of support from grocery store workers in current right to work states, and told the story of a Hoosier worker who had moved to a right to work state.

A co-worker left Indianapolis for Virginia. She worked for the same company, in the same position and had the same union, and what did she get? Less! Less pay. Less benefits. Why? She said it’s called right-to-work. We don’t need less in Indiana. We don’t need right to work.

Carlee Minnett, a 20 year old produce clerk from Bloomington called for more jobs with decent pay and benefits. She asked, “What future do we have as young workers if the only jobs we can look forward to in Indiana come with low pay and no benefits? My union job is giving me a chance to get an education for my future. Weakening our unions will take away our future.”

Stephanie White, a produce manager from Crawfordsville, summarized the view from the neighborhood store. “Right-to-work won’t bring customers into the store,” she said. “Good paychecks create good business and when workers make more, a business has more customers.”

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