Jun 17, 2011

Bourbon and Bacon Tasting at Netroots Nation

The UFCW Bourbon and Bacon Happy Hour is being held on Saturday, June 18, at Netroots Nation, in Minneapolis, featuring bourbon and bacon made by UFCW members. In honor of this event, here are some more interesting facts about bacon:

  • America produces around 2 billion pounds of bacon annually, and a 200 pound pig will normally produce about 20 pounds of bacon.

  • Seventy percent of bacon is consumed during breakfast.

  • There are 8 different cuts of bacon: streaky, back, collar, picnic, jowl, gammon, cottage and middle.

  • There are also 8 different types of bacon which are: Canadian, Pancetta, Ventreche, Proscuitto, Serrano, Guanciale and White bacon.
If you're at Netroots Nation, please join us for the event featuring great products made by UFCW members. If you're not, next time you're at the grocery store pick up some UFCW-made bacon and a bottle of UFCW-made bourbon and join in the fun from home.

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