Jun 16, 2011

Eva Longoria Speaks at the CARE Press Conference

The Children's Act for Responsible Employment (CARE) is endorsd by many organizations, UFCW included. On June 16th, Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard and other advocates of the bill, including actress and activist, Eva Longoria, gathered at the Capitol Builiding to share with the press the importance of passing this bill.

Migrant children, as young as 12 and 13, often work incredibly long hours on farms with dangerous equipment and in dangerous conditions such as extreme heat. Longoria is the executive producer of the new documentary The Harvest/La Cosecha which shows children who work as migrant laborers on American farms. One of the major problems with this labor, is that while these children are doing backbreaking work in 110 degree heat, they are also being taken out of school making it close to impossible for them to ever have the chance of earning a high school diploma.

Longoria and the other producers of The Harvest/La Cosecha feel that the film will raise awareness of the problems here in America and will also help grow support for Congresswoman Royal-Allard's bill which will help improve laws to protect migrant children working on farms by raising the minimum age for farmworkers to 14 and raising the age at which they can do hazardous work to 18.

Also speaking at the press conference was former child migrant worker, Norma Flores Lop├ęz. She shared with the press the days of having to wake up early every morning and miss school for months at a time. Today she is the director of the Children in the Fields Campaign at the Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs (AFOP).

UFCW continues to support the passing of this bill to help give migrant worker children an education and a safer life than they have now.

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