Nov 4, 2011

Guess what's in the first #OccupySupply shipment of cold weather gear ?

Five hundred pairs of UFCW union-made socks made to withstand -40 degree weather!

The Occupy Supply Fund, a program of FireDogLake, is working to raise money, purchase, and deliver supplies to the Occupy protesters. And it comes as no shock that what they need right now is cold weather gear!

OccupySupply is buying 100% union-made, American manufactured clothes to help outfit the protesters. And UFCW is proud that our members make so many of the items on the list.

Check out this blog post on how OccupySupply came to be, and the principles they're following. And if you're inclined to donate to the fund, you can do that here. Rest assured - 100% of your donation will be used to distribute union made, American manufactured items via our union supply chain to the occupations.

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