Nov 23, 2011

Stand with Workers this Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving eve, and President Hansen has taken this opportunity to write an article for the  Huffington Post about retail workers and the difference having a union makes when it comes to working over the holidays.

As he says,
"When retail workers are given a voice in holiday scheduling, they can respect the needs of their families; whether that need is a loved one's presence at home or the need to earn additional income over the holidays. Respect for the retail workers who are the heart of events like Black Friday means fair compensation for holiday hours and a voice in scheduling. When we support workers coming together to make positive changes in the workplace, we all win."
This holiday season, all of us here at UFCW are grateful to the grocery and retail workers who put in long hours to make our holiday shopping and eating possible. We're also grateful for the workers across the country who are sticking together and speaking up so that more Americans can have a voice on the job when it comes to issues like scheduling and holiday pay.

What are you giving thanks for this year?


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