Feb 14, 2012

We Heart Workers

Seaton Williams, Fine Jewelry; Kamna Singh, Fine Jewelry; Janet Ornatt, Home

Carolyn Mickens, Menswear
Workers at Bloomingdale's spent this Valentine’s Day in perfect fashion by spreading the love and thanking customers for shopping union. By supporting union stores, customers are empowering retail workers to collectively fight for the better pay and benefits that they deserve.

Retail is a demanding environment. You work nights, weekends, and spend most holidays at work instead of with your family. It’s relentless and draining. Such a challenging schedule makes it crucial that workers can depend upon each other for support in their workplace. Being a member of a union isn’t just about ensuring you receive proper holiday pay, it’s about being part of a supportive family that genuinely cares about your well-being.

When workers can depend upon their colleagues to provide that support system, it creates a healthy work atmosphere that will naturally lend itself to success. With that environment, customers, employees and the company itself will all be happier with the results.  

To retail workers everywhere, Happy Valentine’s Day. We love you.

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luan said...

I am happy for those retail worker out there..
Belated Happy hearts day!

I can feel the unity with all of you guys.

Thanks for sharing!

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