Feb 9, 2012

Candidate Walmart Speaks!

This just in from everyone's favorite presidential candidate, Candidate Walmart, who was caught on camera earlier today:

 Republican  primaries in Iowa,  New Hampshire,  South Carolina and  Florida have proven  that corporate  bigotry still runs  rampant in  America. The  outcome of those  races might leave  some  candidates  feeling  dejected -  but not me.  I'm  taking to take my  message  right to  the real Americans - attendees of the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). I couldn't get a slot on the official speaking schedule, but that won't stop me from having my say.

If you're in Washington D.C., please join me outside the Marriott Wardman (2660 Woodley Road NW) tomorrow, Friday February 10th, from 12pm - 1pm for my first public campaign event. Full details available on my Facebook - I promise it will be an event to remember.

If you're not able to join me, check out my twitter for a live play by play.

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