Feb 7, 2012

Why Isn't Congress Hearing Workers?

It must be election season, because Republican leaders in Congress are at it again - wasting taxpayer dollars to make a political show of attacking workers’ most fundamental rights.

This morning, the Education and the Workforce Committee held a hearing they called “The NLRB Recess Appointments: Implications for America’s Workers and Employers.” The sole intent of this hearing was to question and undermine President Obama’s appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). As we know, the NLRB is charged with protecting the right of every American to bargain for a better life – a right Republicans are steadfastly committed to obliterating.

On tap for tomorrow morning is a hearing by the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform called “The Right to Choose: Protecting Union Workers from Forced Political Contributions.” Don’t be fooled by fancy word play – this hearing doesn’t protect union workers; it protects corporations that oppose collective bargaining in the first place.

Republican committee leaders should be ashamed of themselves for so blatantly putting the corporate interest ahead of the national interest – and their constituents should be outraged. The last thing we need right now are hearings driven by cynical partisan politics – especially considering that this Congress can’t even get it together to pass substantive pieces of legislation like the American Jobs Act or the payroll tax cut extension.

It’s time we let Republican leaders in Congress know we’re tired of waiting - they need to stop wasting time and start working for the American people. Send this message loud and clear by visiting the Education and Workforce Committee and the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on Facebook and giving them a piece of your mind.

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luan said...

I didn't know that there's still conflict between employers and worker in America. It's the task given to NLRB, so they have to do their task well.

Hope everything will get better sooner.

Cindy from stylo numérique