Aug 2, 2012

ConAgra Foods Workers Choose a Union Voice on the Job with UFCW Local 455

Workers at ConAgra Foods  in Delhi, Louisiana came together for a voice on the job last week, voting to join UFCW Local 455. Workers began organizing in February for respect at work along with decent wages and affordable health care.

Members and staff from Locals 455 and 655 joined workers to get the word out about what having a union voice at the workplace could mean for ConAgra employees. The workers created a solid base for the campaign and stayed on message to keep the campaign going strong. Employees at the facility held a petition drive and eventually won their election for a voice on the job.

As a result of the workers’ solidarity, over 150 employees at the facility will now work together to ensure they receive respect at the workplace and make their jobs good jobs. Good luck to all those in Local 455!

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