Aug 6, 2012

What will Romney Economics do for America?

Graphics credit: AFL-CIO
When looking at the facts, it's clear that Mitt Romney's economic strategy is to further enrich the richest 1 percent of Americans. Romney's "supply-side" economic views would all but eliminate taxation and government regulation on those who supply-side theorists claim are most likely to produce growth - the super-rich. Similar to "trickle-down" economics, supply side practices have been seen as an economic default, despite dismal results for the vast majority of Americans.

Romney's economic plan is built on the following, destructive points:
  • A tax reduction plan solely for the 1 percent, raising taxes on nearly everyone else 
  • Massive yet unspecified spending cuts that threaten our economic competitiveness, future prosperity, and public safety
  • Fiscal policies that will only exacerbate our federal budget challenges
  • Extreme plans to exempt businesses from adhering to the most basic safety, health, environmental, and workplace rules and regulations
America needs to pay close attention to the specific plans Romney has laid our for our country if he were to win the 2012 election president. The facts show that President Obama's actions while in office, as well as his plans for the future, are what's best for working families and middle class America.

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