Mar 18, 2008

Stronger Unions Can Strengthen Economy

New York Times op-ed contributor, Robert B. Reich, is calling out Washington politicians for taking "normal remedies" to address the continuing economic slide.

Reich says it's time to address the real problem - American workers are earning 12% less than their counterparts 30 years ago when wages are adjusted for inflation.

Among Reich's solutions: Organize and Unionize.

"We also need stronger unions, especially in the local service sector that’s sheltered from global competition. Employees should be able to form a union without the current protracted certification process that gives employers too much opportunity to intimidate or coerce them. Workers should be able to decide whether to form a union with a simple majority vote."

Read the rest of the editorial here.

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sheila said...

well i think employers should increase the benefits of the employees so that employees will love their jobs. organizing a union may destroy the good relationship between the employees and employers.

sheila from mini frigo Coca Cola